Friday, February 25, 2011 is finally here!!!

I recently celebrated Ultimate Gym's 20th anniversary with my gym members. It turned out to be such a wonderful afternoon. More pics and details on it soon.Come to think of it ,it has been this long that I've been in this industry . ULTIMATE GYM has been around for over 2 decades!!! All the big clubs that were once the "In thing" died off only to be replaced by other new fitness chains and, ULTIMATE GYM is still here....and we will still be here long after all the newer fitness chains die off!!!

Having said all that, I finally got myself a proper website. I had one a long time ago but due to negligence on the part of the hosting company, I lost the domain name. They failed to notify me that my account , which they were handling, was due for renewal and so that was history.

However, last year, for some miraculous reason, I managed to get the domain name without any hassle. Right away, I contacted a friend of mine to see if he could help me build my website. Despite his hectic schedule, he managed to put aside some time to build my website and I am proud to announce that as of now, is officially active!

Finally my own website that highlights all my achievements throughout my career and services rendered.
Feel free to visit 

Who knows, you may decide to change your current lifestyle and I am just a click away!

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