Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ex-Mr Asia Bujang loses house in fire

Former Mr.Asia and long time friend Mr.Bujang Taha had recently lost his home and all of his belongings including all his medals and trophies to a raging blaze that happened recently in his homeland, Kuching. Saddened by this tragic news, I dug into my old phone book and lucky enough, had found his telephone number that he shares with his wife. As I am all the way here in Kuala Lumpur, I told him that I will do my best to help him raise some money from this side of Malaysia, at least to help him rebuild his's the least I can do for an old friend.

Anyway below is the article which appeared in the Star papers recently:

And if you have a heart and would like to help him out :

To raise funds for our legend, Bujang Taha who lost his house and everything he owned in a blaze recently. Anyone wishing to donate can make their contributions directly to his account.

Here are the full details:
Kamis @ Bujang b Taha (Ic no - K246688)
RHB Bank - Kuching - ac no - 1112 1250 101 252

To those who wish to verify can call his wife @ 013 8943174.

All proceeds goes directly into Mr.Bujang Taha's account to help him rebuild his life.

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