Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sweet Injuries!

As most of you who know me on a personal level or simply have been following my blog, may also know that I have been bodybuilding for over 24 years now. Now 24 years is no joke mind you! It's a bloody long time to be doing the same routines day in and out.

Of course exercising gives you great health and strength benefits, HOWEVER, for people like me who are rather a lil' sadistic, will always try to take it the extra mile in every training session. This is when the problem starts!

I think if someone were to ask me about virtually any sort of problem they are experiencing due to weight training injuries, I may just about be able to answer them and give them an answer as to how to treat their problems. Why? Cos' I've been there in most cases!

Anyway, back in 2009, i had torn my hamstrings in 2 places...read article HERE.  I had to undergo treatment at the ISTITUTE SUKAN NEGARA(ISN) and they did a rather good job at rehabilitating my injuries. For that I am grateful for their services. All along though, I had another problem but somehow it reared it's ugly head recently. I progressively got worse over the weeks in Jan 2011.

The problem was, me being unable to walk up any staircase, press the car clutch and obviously not work on my legs. The pain would be quite excruciating when the knees were bent at a certain halfway point rendering the entire leg hopeless. Now this was beginning to alarm me for I was really unable to train now let alone do normal daily stuff. So, naturally, where do I seek help? The people from ISN that had treated my torn hamstrings before.

They ran some tests and did some assessment to determine the root of my problem and concluded that the entire problem resulted from a hip displacement which caused the muscles and fascia to run out of proper alignment. So of course, I attended physio for almost 3 weeks. They reckon I needed to do a lot of stretching, something I would freely admit to NOT doing on a regular basis. Well after 3 weeks of therapy, guess what? The problem did not improve! That's right, NO real improvements. So at this point I was getting rather worried and frustrated. 

My next move was to call up an old friend who used to work at ISN, a sports therapist as well except his field is a bit different from the others. He name is Adam Martin and he is a Myotherapist. I have seen him twice thus far and VOILA! 95% of my acute knee pain is gone. He addressed the issue like a pro...well...he IS a pro...LOL! He is perhaps the only certified myotherapist in Malaysia and let me tell you something people..if you have some sort of chronic pain in your joints and muscles, and when physio and chiros aren't doing you much good, when doctors tell you that you need surgery, try Adam out first!!! He has a god given gift that, in my opinion, would solve most if not all of your problems. 

Of course he doesn't come cheap, fees are a bit on the premium end BUT wouldn't you be happier having to pay his fees and get sorted out once and for all than to be running around like some headless chicken consulting all sorts of specialists and eventually end up spending more AND still living in pain? I know I would rather pay the fees and be done with it!

Who is and how can you reach Adam Martin? Well, stay tuned for my next post as I will be bringing you a little bit more information about what is a myotherapist and about this fine gentleman who has those god given hands, so tune in again soon!

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Elisabeth Hirsch said...

24 years! That's amazing. It must take so much dedication and hard work :) Very inspiring.