Thursday, January 06, 2011


Years ago i toyed around with the idea of starting up a forum for us folks here in Malaysia (or anyone else for the matter) covering mainly health and bodybuilding related topics mainly in Malaysia. What started out as a little hobby of mine slowly grew into quite a busy forum for a while.

I started this forum precisely on the 15th of  Aug 2007 at  04:17 the data says LOL! There were high traffic moments and some seriously dry days here, never the less it has contributed some pretty good articles and pointers to many out there who were...well...pretty much in there to extract information rather than contribute anything. It has been slow as of late, partly due to the lack of interaction by members and the fact that there hasn't been many interesting happenings around.

Well, no worries, I'm very sure things will start to pick up again as it always does so you folks out there who would love to be part of a community that shares the same interest, do not hesitate to pay PROBUFFEDBODIES a visit and register as a member.

One can never learn enough ; )
See you guys there!

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