Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ULTIMATE GYM - Celebrating 20 years of service.

Today, the 19th of Jan 2011, Wednesday evening, as I sat at the restaurant below my gym having a short break, drinking a glass of lemon barley, pondering on the things I've done and achieved and what other stuff I have in mind that I want to accomplish, it hit me that, I started ULTIMATE GYM exactly 20 years ago this month!

I may have some older pictures of me back in the day when Ultimate Gym was first set up but that's another story. This gym has come such a long way with so many trials and tribulation and is still here to serve the general public seeking a decent gym to go to. God willing, ULTIMATE GYM will expand it's business and continue to keep it's doors open to those seeking a place to exercise and socialize.

For those who have been a part of the ULTIMATE GYM family, I would like to extend my appreciation and many thanks for continually supporting my gym.

Here's to many more years of health, wealth and friendship!


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