Thursday, December 10, 2009

Filming of MANDI & Interview for

Hey folks,
firstly I'd like to apologise for not updating my blog in quite a while. One of those moments where you just don't feel like writing anything you know. :)

Anyyyyhow....just a lil update on what's been going down with me.
Did a game show for Astro Wrna ch132 not too long ago called "MANDI". It was a lot of fun doing this program. Had the opportunity to work with Afdlin Shauki's crew again and met many celebrities in the process. Hopefully this program gets high ratings and viewers. If that happens then there's a possibility of more seasons down the road. The host of the show was Din Beramboi....and he's a damn funny character...very spontaneous and had left us all in stitches.

I also had the opportunity to have my girlfriend work with me on this program...we had a blast!!!

Other than that, I was approached by an Australian web tv where they cover about everything related to personalities, fashion to clubs etc etc.
Below is a short clip from the interview which they shot at Ultimate playground.


Ammi said...

my buddy terry.. can i ask u somting. wanita yg dua orang tu body builder juga ke?


Ammi...yes..sorang tu baru lagi yg sorang lagu dah lama..pernah compete di USA. Article dia ada dlm blog i juga.

Ammi said...

oo ye ke... dah agak dah.. dalam rancangan "mandi" x nampak sangat muscle mereka.. mayb pakaian dia kot.. hehe.. boleh i tau nama mereka?


Yang belah kiri dlm pic dgn Din beramboi is Kim and the other one is my gf Lilian.