Monday, September 07, 2009

The Evolution of TERRY GALLYOT - Mr.Asia.

Has anyone out there actually thought about what you will end up doing when you grow up? I mean it could be career , sports , entertainment or any other line. I'm sure everyone at some point would have had these thoughts run through their minds right?

Strange enough , I've always liked and wanted to do bodybuilding...even way back when i was a kid. I suppose, for some , these traits are like part of a pre set genetic code or information already embedded in them.

I've always grew up liking strength and power games or sports.Anything physical from lifting heavy objects just for the heck of it to school events like the shot put and javelin and i did pretty well then. But my love for bodybuilding started way back when i wasn't even a teen yet. Watching Lou Ferrigno play the Incredible Hulk on tv then flipping through the pages of muscle magazines and seeing these powerful physiques made me want to be like them when i grew up.

In a way , i kind of already knew that i was destined to be a bodybuilder and after 23 years of doing this, I have no regrets. Flipping through my old childhood album recently, I came across a picture that blew my mind away. A picture that I would like to share with everyone!

Don't laugh hahahahahahahaa....but I think I was about 3 in my pic below.What can one say.....i already showed interest and potential even wayyyyy back then hahahahahahaaa!!!


Me as a kid.

Me 23 years into bodybuilding.


arep said...

same pose.. hehehe soo cute..

Anonymous said...

Forever cute and sexy

Anonymous said...

Bro .. 3 yrs sudah pandai posing !! Don pray pray !! - Punisher