Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MR KL 09

Mr Kuala Lumpur 09 was held on the 7th of June and the show had drawn in many old and new talents from all over KL. As usual , it was always great to hook up with friends and familiar faces , faces that I've not seen in a long while.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to a student of mine , Syed Iqbal aka BARBUS who just turned 20 recently.He came to me late last year and was training off and on and it wasn't till the begining of 09 that he approached me with the idea of doing a competition. I gave him the run down on what to expect and do if he was adamant about doing a bodybuilding show. So January 09 was when he really came under my wings to prepare for Mr Kuala Lumpur , which is a state championship and qualifier for the Nationals.

Basically this kid was a chubby guy to start off with so a lot of hard work had to be put in from day one. Juggling between his classes and dieting and training , this boy showed me nothing short of pure dedication. He lives on campus in Shah Alam where food is a problem and finance is the other major factor. Yet with all these limiting factors , he found means and ways to make ends meet on his small allowance. He would do odd jobs in his spare time just so he could get a few extra bucks to buy his diet food and supplements.

During his preparation , running all those errands to make some money , he also had exams and tests in college which demanded a lot of mental focus especially when dieting this hard for a state show.

At the end of the day , all his hard work paid off in a big way. Iqbal aka Barbus as we all call him at Ultimate Gym won the junior under 21 class and came in 2nd in the light-heavy category.

Many of the judges and spectators were very impressed with his showing on that day. He sort of became an instant hit that day. As you read this , my boy is preparing for the Mr Malaysia 09 to be held in Johor Baru on the 25th and 26th of July. This time he will come in fuller and with better conditioning , that much I can assure you.

I take my hat of to you Iqbal for you have shown me 200% dedication and WALKED THE WALK!!! Your win was nothing short of deserving and in future , you will be causing major upset for many who stand in your way!

Checkout some of his pictures taken at the competiton....not bad for a kid who only had 6 months to prepare with limited funds and time!!! At least I think so!

Syed Iqbal aka Barbus.

Me & Barbus backstage.

With light-heavy winner Ubaid

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Anonymous said...

Terry, reading your blog brought tears to my eyes. It definitely hit home.
Congratulations to Barbus for his very first winning and many more to come. I guess the best way to describe Barbus astonishing accomplishment is where there's a will there's always a way. Barbus, if you reading this my name is Lilian Tan. I can totally relate to your hard work, determination and will power to get there. I used to collect recycled bottles to earn some spare change to buy food during comp preparation. Just remember the harder the sacrifice the sweeter is the victory. If anyone has doubted you before, they are definitely not laughing now.
You have been very blessed to have Terry as your friend and mentor. He may be hard but his intentions are good and he is certainly very knowledgeable. If you pour 110% effort each time you train and place all your trust in him and follow his lead he will take you to the top. I wish you all the best in the upcoming Nationals. You deserve to be there!!!