Monday, May 18, 2009


Mr Klang Parade 2009 was the first competition for this season and it had a pretty good line up with many new faces and the return of some veterans.I must say that it was really refreshing to watch this competition.

Although it is a smaller show, it had a pretty strong line up.A lot of talent on stage that day.It was also great to see so many old friends from before to my era show up to give support to the up and coming kids that competed that afternoon.

Caught a few pics of some of the competitors during the finals to share with you lot. I would have taken more if i had gotten to the venue sooner BUT no thanks to my navigator (gym member who claimed to know the way), we ended driving around Klang town..well, pretty much lost LOL!

Have fun with the pics!
Below : L to R Tun Jaafar, Sazali & Othman Yahya.

The kid in blue sleeveless is from PDRM, whose nickname is"GIANT", real name is actually Madi.The kids got talent and will be perhaps my main challenger at this years Mr.Malaysia. He can go far once he brings up his lats, hamstrings and calves. Already have thick and big delts,chest and arms and a decent set of wheels.So, in a few years time, he'd be a formidable opponent. Props to this kid for making good gains over the years.
Come July will be...."time to rumble!!!!"


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Awesome! I was there too. Got a video clip to share. Pls check out

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