Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well folks, I'm sorry for the delay in posting up some of my progress pics. It's just that I've been rather busy with work and a lil too engrossed with my workouts to stop and think of taking any update pics.

It is now 6 weeks away from my Nationals and to be very frank , I am not really happy with my progress thus far.I should be looking a lil tighter but I'm not. Then again with injuries holding me back from 100% training and having to manage a business, things can get a bit tideous. Never the less it is no reason to make excuses right?!

By the looks of things, I will have to amp up my workout intensity, tighten my diet further and not get side tracked along the way.

This comeback is going to be a really big deal for me.Imagine being away from the posing dias for almost 6 years!!! So making this comeback is really stressful as i will be going up against younger and talented guys and so i will have to do my best to show up in winning condition.

Many friends are rooting for me from all over the world.Some are actually flying in from Australia, Singapore , Thailand and possibly Brunei and the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON showing up at my comp is my sweetheart , Lilian who happens to be flying in all the way from the US of A. Talk about pressure huh? Hahahahahahaha!!!

Well, I guess this will actually motivate me further! It would be so sweet to win the Mr Malaysia 09 and the overall if possible. Then celebrating my belated 40th BIRTHDAY (which happens to be a week before the nationals) and the victory all rolled into one night with close friends and my lovely girlfriend who has been behind me 100% .

Well folks , I plan to make it all a reality!!! Training smart with 1000% hard work will pay off in my opinion. As "The Terminator" says , I'll be bachk!"


resident.wangsamaju said...

Looking good. Slap on that tan and it's show time!!

LadyVanity said...

hey terry... great pics!! im sure ur gonna be great this coming july... Ernie and I will be travelling down to cheer u on, and i can't wait to meet Lillian too! :D all the best bro... keeping my hopes high for u

Alex said...

Good shape bro! Do we need tickets to watch the Mr M'sia competition? If yes where do we get the tickets?


I believe tickets will be sold att he venue itself.They will probably be around RM20 or so.

Alex said...

All right bro! Thank you so much all the best to your competition!

Anonymous said...

Terry... best wishes on your come back. It not an easy road but but i know you will do your best.
Win or not... i guess the experience from contest will help you improve more move in the correct direction in the future!