Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UNO NUTRITION - Malaysian Pride.

About a year ago , a friend of mine who was in the business of manufacturing supplements here in Malaysia and I got together to discuss the possibility of manufacturing a more premium range of sports supplements that could and would rival that of those that are imported from abroad.
This is how UNO NUTRITION came about.Today , at an infant stage still , UNO NUTRITION have come out with several hot selling items with more products in the pipeline.

In compliance with the government requirements UNO has all the necessary certification required to operate both national and internationally.Already aquired the ISO 22000 cert plus the Halal certs to ensure the Muslims that these products are safe to use.

As you read this , all necessary steps to print catalogues and websites are being carried out.Many bodybuilding and sporting events organised by their respective bodies have been sponsored by Uno since late 2007.Many athletes were surprised at how well these products helped them reach their goals.

You will be reading more about Uno in the near future.But for now , let me leave you with some description of these products.

Tri-Factor Weight Mangement System consists of three factors:-

• Thermogenic Factor - One of the ways to promote the loss of body fat is increasing the energy expenditure as well as fat oxidation. Thermogenic Factor consists of guarana seed extracts, green tea ectracts and vitamin B6.

• Fat Mobilizing Factor - for Fat Transportation. Fat Mobilizing Factor consists of garcinia cambogia, L-carnitine, taurine and lecithin.

• Building Factor - Protein slow the absorption of glucose into bloodstream and lead to the suppression of hunger through lowering the insulin level and favor the fat burning process. Whey protein contains bioactive ingredients that help to simulate the release of appetite-suppressing hormones to provide greater satiety than casein.

Amino 5000 Chewable

• Has superior amino acid profile - provide high amount of BCAA as fuel source
• High glutamine peptides level for anabolic enviroment
• Contains higher levels of valuble whey protein fractions like glycomacropeptides, proteose peptone and lactoferrin.
• High PDCAA scoress, BV and PER value
• Has a significant source of biologically available calcium and low sodium
• Stimulate the immune system .

• Consist of an amazing, non-simulant, all-natural nutritional ingredient (Phase 2 ®) that is derived from the white kidney bean.

• Carblocker works by utilizing Phase 2® which is formulated to “neutralize” the digestive enzyme, alpha amylase, allowing some dietary starch to pass through the body undigested, like fiber and thus temporarily reduce the caloric impact of starch rich foods.

• First nutritional ingredient that has been clinically & scientifically proven to neutralize starch, found in your favarite foods such as potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, corn and crackers.

• May assist in weight control when used in conjuction with a sensible diet and exercise program. Besides, it may reduce the enzymatic digestion of dietary starches.

Muscle Matrix ( NO2 )

Added with Nitro-X Factor

• A formula to increase Nitric Oxide in the body.

• consists of active ingredients like Creatine Monohydrate, L- Arginine, L-Omithine and L-Glutamine.

Nitric Oxide controls the curculation of blood, and transmits messages between nerve cells.

• increases blood flow to deliver more nutrients to muscles, thus helping muscles become larger when subjected to stress.

Muscle Velocity ( MV2 )
• Sports drink for muscle glycogen restoration and recovery.

• Three different glycemic sources of corbohydrates for immediately energy and easy digestion during long and intense workouts. Contains mineral Ca+, Na+, K+, Mg+ and Cl-

• Ensure proper hydration - low osmolality of the Active One and ideal 8% carbohydrate solution provides superior fluid absorption.

• Reduces fatigue during exercise.

• Provides 80mg of vitamin C - provides a quick and stimulating electrolyte replacement in a matter of minutes, helps with the connective tissues faster, anti-oxidant that protects the body from free radical damge.

• Whey protein and the natural occurring amino acid is use to re-energize muscles during and after exercise.

• Added with Velocity Factor - Quicker glycogen replenishment - rapid stomach emptying = quick energy with Vitargo.


Bong Cheng Tzuu said...

Hi bro, are you selling Uno Nutrition? can I know how much is your Amino 5000 and how much is the shipment to Miri, Sarawak?



Bong, in order to send it to Miri you will need to call the HQ. Please visit www.unonutrition.com and look in the FAQ section for full info. Thank You.