Monday, July 07, 2008


Some of you may already know that I've been involved in organising and promoting the "Mr Gim Rakyat" in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports (KBS) since 2006.Our first show was organised back in 2006 where we were given very short notice to create an event.3 1/2 weeks in total! So obviously the turnout both from participants and spectators were very low.We had some 42 participants with about 300 spectators only that year BUT we did our level best to put on a great event despite such short comings.

People started talking about this show , of how good it was etc etc. and were already looking forward to 2007's event.Of course 2007's event would be even bigger and better simply because we had the blueprint of the previous show and knew what areas we needed to improve on.

All in all we received a whopping 115 participants with about 3000 plus spectators.The show was a blast!!! Everyone from the ministry to the participants and spectators were very happy.Of course , most of them were already asking "Whats's cookin' for 2008?" Hehehehe!!!

A lot of discussion were made for 2008's event.We proposed to KBS to go by zones followed by the nationals as the grand finale.They agreed that we should go that route too.

Then came the elections and the minsters got reshuffled,the economy went down the drain after the fuel hike etc etc and the next thing we knew , THERE WAS NOT GONNA BE A SHOW THIS YEAR because the government is on a budget campaign and allocations were gonna get cut for many things , this event being one of it.I mean , they will spend a lot of money on other sports that do not even produce champions in SEA let alone the Worlds BUT here is bodybuilding that has produced champions at almost every meet out there and we do not get the kind of support other sports get.

Feeling pretty frustrated , I decided to call up the sports coordinator in KBS to discuss this matter over.I proposed that they drop the zone events and focus solely on the Nationals since they are on a budget BUT the show must go on nontheless!!! The momentum we worked so hard for to achieve should not be broken! A lot of people were prepping for this upcoming event , something they have all been looking forward to so being the sports ministry , they should at least try and keep this one event going. By totally cancelling this show would leave a very bitter taste in the participant's mouths.Many will lose interest in the sport as there is very little support.Something I believe the ministry should NOT neglect and overlook.After all , isn't this ministry set up to oversee that all sports get some attention and support?!

Anyway , the sports coordinator too agrees that the show should go on and he will prepare some paper work or proposal to be sent up to the minister to get some budget approved.I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the allocation to get approved so that the show can go on.Hopefully the news will be a positive one and announced after the 8th of July.

I would certainly hate to see this event that we created just die off like this.Such a waste then as I certainly can foresee this event being a huge hit in the years to event where perhaps we will end up finding new champions to represent Malaysia in International meets.

Well , i guess we will just have to sit back and wait and see what the current sports minister decides.Keep those fingers and toes crossed folks hahahahaa!!!!
Till my next update...PEACE!!


dC said...

1% of the money they spend on those clowns they put on the footbal field is more than enuff lah...


Budget should not be used as an excuse to cancel govt spending esp on sports. The Gim Rakyat competition is an important in propagating this sport in Malaysia. Already, there are not enough bodybuilding competitions in Malaysia.

The current inflation is solely caused by the govt's fiscal policy and nothing else and thus it is stupid to impose conditions such as govt cuts in spending. Two wrongs do not make a right.