Thursday, March 15, 2007


As promised,here are the pictures taken while i was in Melbourne,Australia for the Australian Bodybuilding Grand Prix.
Overall it was a great trip BUT if you ask me...Malaysia is still and always will be THE BEST!!!
I managed to hook up with a few old Aussie friends and made some new ones too.Also,it was a dream come true to finally meet my idols in person.Vince Taylor has to be the coolest bodybuilder out there.At 50,Vince is still kicking butt in the pro circuit.A fine gentleman and a damn friendly one too....truly the people's champion.
What really boosted my confidence was the fact that i wasn't very far behind in size compared to these pros.At least now i know where i stand mass wise.All i will need to do now is work on polishing my physique and get more chiseled...and who knows,maybe next year you people will see me onstage next to my idols battling out for top spot.
Wong on the other hand came in 8th out of 11 competitors...not too bad considering he's been out of competition mode for several years PLUS he was going up against some of the big boys in this industry such as Dexter Jackson and Vince Taylor.

A very special thanks to Datuk Noorazmin who sponsored all of us for this trip.He will be launching the Worlds Largest Gold Coin Mural here in Malaysia soon and will be a historical event that will burn his name in the Guinness Book of Records.

Well folks...just a quick description of what went down in Australia.Enjoy the photos!!! Till i post again.......


nizam said...


Was great to meet you guys in Melbourne. Hope to catch you again next year (this time you be 1 of the competitors! lol).


Likewise buddy.Hopefully i will turn pro soon...would be a dream come true bro!

moggie said...

dude, u got to meet The Vince Taylor?!....i'm not worthy, i'm not worthy!

great shots, Terry. thanks for sharing.

p/s Congrats, us, You are the winner!

wahdi said...

Great experience, and ur body is marvelous! keep it up dude!!

NiceBod said...

Eh u are sure bigger than those pros. Then kacang only u can be pro what?