Thursday, April 03, 2014

ULTIMATE GYM - Membership Driven Gym.

Those who know of Ultimate Gym, also knows that since the beginning of the clubs existence, we have always been a membership driven club. In layman's term, clients sign up as a member in order to use the facilities whereby they will receive free basic training, enjoy the discounts on supplements or just enjoying free seminars when there is one scheduled.

So what happens to those that would like to use the facilities but cannot commit to being a member for whatever reasons? Well, we allow Walk-In non membership at a specific flat rate to clients such as these. Of course, non-members do not enjoy the full benefits that of a full fledged member.

It only makes sense to protect your member's interest in your gym. They are the ones who will keep coming back to use the facilities and continue supporting the club therefore it is only fair and right that we have some sort of crowd control here.

If Walk-Ins were charged lower than present, then it makes no sense for these paying members that have been supporting the club to continue doing so simply because it is unjust towards them.

Putting things into perspective here may help future clients understand better as to why Ultimate Gym practices what we practice now.

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