Tuesday, November 27, 2012


12/11/12 marks a very special and probably a historical date for many bodybuilding enthusiast here in Malaysia. It was the day 8 x Mr.Olympia champ, Ronnie Coleman visited Malaysia to promote his Ronnie Coleman Signature Series supplements.

We have to thank both FITLION.COM and F1 RECREATION for making Ronnie's trip possible. They are the companies responsible for bringing in his product range as well as doing his road show. It was truly a memorable moment for many of the bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast alike.

Day one of his Road Show stop was of course ULTIMATE GYM - Serious Fitness . Now I have to hand it to Ronnie, he came in from a long 24 hour flight and was ready to come visit his fans. Talk about stamina ! No wonder he is 8 x Mr.Olympia !!!

Anyway, here are some of the pictures and a video taken during his visit down to Ultimate Gym. Enjoy !!!

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