Thursday, July 05, 2012

LILIAN TAN - Malaysia's Pride.

Lilian in contest preparation mode.

 Introducing, once more , Ms.Lilian Tan , a Penangite who certainly does not need anymore introduction in Malaysia as she has been glossing the pages of so many local newspapers as well as appearing on several local television talk and game shows.

As one can clearly see, her passion for bodybuilding and fitness has driven her to achieve so much , that obviously did not go un-noticed here in Malaysia. Malaysian Guiness Book of Records has just recognised her efforts and will be awarding her with an honourable recognition award. Quite an accomplishment for this mini power house.

Lilian , a certified ISSA trainer , is currently residing in Kuala Lumpur where she is running her Personal Training business. A very motivated and energetic individual, Lilian has helped many of her clients achieve their goals through proper training and nutritional guidance.

Walking the runway at a fashion show.

For those seeking guest appearances and talks , modelling ,  professional guidance on Personal Training , whether it is bodybuilding , weight management , toning or anything related to health and fitness , you can reach Lilian Tan via email -


Sean Nalewanyj said...

Wow, she looks awesome. Has better arms than most of the guys at my gym, haha. Nice post.

Combat Sports News said...

Very impressive physique. Very sexy.

Bodybuilding Supplements said...

I will keep visiting this blog very often.