Saturday, June 04, 2011

Mr.K.L. 2011 - The outcome.

Due to time constraint, I'm unable to do a full write up on the recent Mr.KL Championship.
However, I am proud to announce that both boys representing Ultimate Gym made it to the finals. Mr.Ooi Aik Dean won the Welterweight category while old timer Mr.FAdzil, who made a comeback after a 12 year hiatus, placed 5th also in the Welter category.
From left: Syed Oxzla, Ooi ,Terry Gallyot, Fadzil, Mie.Bottom , Shah, Faheem.

Kudos to both these guys for their hard work and effort. Hopefully, in 2012 I will produce more bodybuilders that will do well at both state and national level competitions.

To view the album of these guys, please go to :-


fahmie firas said...

Salam kenal,
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Nick said...

Well done!