Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ULTIMATE GYM - serious fitness - answering some basic quiries.

For some time now I have been getting quite a number of inquiries about my gym in regards to the fees. So today i figured I should write a quick post on what to expect here at Ultimate Gym, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.

First of all, this is a co-ed / unisex / man - woman gym...not just purely for men, OK folks. Right.. now that we have sorted that out let's move on to the rates.
I have a few packages basically.

There's the :-

Walk In (non-member) rates @ RM10 per entry - (no special privileges)*

Then there's the membership packages which are : -

Joining Fees :-
Individual   : RM150.00 (non refundable / non transferable)
Students    :  RM50.00  (non refundable / non transferable)

Subscription Fees               Individual              Students
1 month                                RM90                     RM70
3 months                              RM230                   RM180
6 months                              RM450                   RM350
12 months                            RM900                   RM700

**For membership packages, each member will be given basic training that entails all your body parts done over several sessions... plus receive discounts on supplements that are sold here. Priority will always be given to members.

Then there's the Personal Training package which are : -
1   Session                                  -  RM 150.00
10 Sessions (2 free)                   -  RM 1,500.00
Diet / Nutrition Consultation     -  RM 200.00

This section (Personal Training) basically is sold by packages of 10 sessions where by you will receive and additional 2 sessions FREE worth RM300 PLUS a FREE diet/nutrition plan tailored to your requirement worth RM200. It will be my duty to guide, motivate and support you throughout the entire hour...totally a One on One session.

Operating Hours : -
Mon  -  Fri   -   12.00pm  to  10.00pm
Sat               -   12.00pm  to   6.00pm
Sun              -    Closed
Public Holidays - subject to notice.

The address of Ultimate Gym is :-
#12-2 , Jalan Wangsa Delima 6,
KLSC Section 5
Wangsa Maju
53300 KL
Tel / Fax - 03 41436214

Now that details have been posted, I hope my readers will have a better understanding of how things are run here. Of course, there will always be more inquiries so the best thing to do would be for you to actually come personally to ULTIMATE GYM .

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