Wednesday, February 20, 2008


In my last post , I mentioned what mishaps happened to my family and me.We were told by the cops that we will be contacted after Chinese New Year for the rest of the witnesses to go over to give their statement.Well , so far no one has been contacted regarding this matter.Really , at this point of time we have no clue as to whether this case is/have been dropped OR as with most Malaysian scene , is simply being attended to VERY , VERY slowly by the respective authorities.

I guess we will just have to wait and see BUT in the mean time , life for us doesn't stop there.We will of course carry on about our daily lives as we have done so long before this stupid incident ever took place.

You know , some old folks have a saying that when bad luck hits you , it hits you in 3's! Co-incidently or maybe there's truth to the old saying , right after my dad had to deal with so much rubbish , he was then diagnosed for having hypertension and diabetes.Pretty hard for a man who has been pretty healthy all these years despite not exercising , taking care of his food and smoking.It's old age i guess but he was still pretty upset to get this news after going to the doctors.As you read this , all of us at home have made it a point to eat and live healtheir.It is going to be pretty hard for my dad to change his old ways but it's something he has got to deal with if he is to get healtheir.I guess up to this point , he has made some improvements on his health WITH some pressure from the rest of the family.Afterall it is for his AND our own good.

So , can you see the pattern forming now? Bad luck comes in 3's? First the freaking police case , then his health issues and now the 3rd piece is......our pet dog. Someone from our block made a complaint to DBKL council not too long ago about us rearing a dog.So as you could imagine , we were visited by the council who then told my dad that someone had lodged a complaint about our dog barking and making too much noise...which is a load of crap of course , and were given 1 weeks notice from the council to find the dog another home OR we will be given a fine and likely have the dog taken away too!

Total bullcrap!!! For four years we have had this dog , from a few weeks old to a four year old handsome fella , no one complained! Then comes this family below us recently , and suddenly the dog is accused of making too much noise.It's just quite simple , they just don't like the fact that they are within close proximity of A DOG, and to them would mean breaking some laws of their belief.

Imagine , my dad who had reared this dog from a puppy till now then having to depart with it on such a short notice!? This dog was his only companion at home when everyone was out at work.Having to part with it , is like having to give away a family member ...JUST COZ' SOME IDIOT doesn't like the idea of a dog in the block.My dad and the rest of us are pretty crushed at the moment.Such unnecessary heartache!

In desparation I had to put the word out to all my friends who reared dogs.Thankfully one of my gym member , a big dog lover offered to foster my dog.It will take some time for him and my dog to get used to each other.Imagine the trauma of suddenly being taken away from familiar faces only to be put in a home full of stranger.

It has been several days now and my dog is seemingly adjusting to it's new home.Although still a bit traumatised , he seems to be taking on to the new owner rather well.I just hope he adjusts quickly and have a new and happy life with his new owner without having to worry about what will happen to him.

That my readers , just goes to show what sort of people serrounds us daily.Some are truly gems while others..... in my books , do not deserve to be on this beautiful planet we call EARTH!

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