Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Well , let's see.....
I've not posted anything in a while (pretty obvoius huh? Hahahahaa!!!).Been pretty busy here at ULTIMATE GYM as usual , you know , coaching the new guys , trying to motivate the older members (including myself hehehee!) , upkeeping the place and trying to keep it clean and operational etc.

Been busy with the new line of products too , helping the supplier decide on a brand name , new formulation , labels and logo......stuff like that.Oh by the way , the new line will be called UNO NUTRITION instead of Infinity Nutrition.We are waiting on the designer to come up with the final artwork for the new logo and label , then the next step will be to activate the domain name followed by the e-store.

You don't really realise how much work needs to be put into this project until you actually get involved.And the money spent....woahhh!!! Kinda scary too(thank god not mine heheheee!)

Anyways , 3 new products should be launched pretty soon.Amino Lean (thermogenic fat loss protein powder) , Muscle Matrix ( high strength muscle builder protein powder) and MV² (vitargo carboloader).I'm personally the guinea-pig now and all i can say is....IT'S BLOODY AWESOME!!!!

Ok , let's move on to my new forum PROBUFFEDBODIES.We are now 3 weeks old and have recruited 52 members so far.Not bad at all considering it's not well known enough yet.Several IFBB pros,a PDI pro, an IFBB fitness pro , an expert when it comes to latest news about bodybuilding around the world and a "GURU" in this field .....all are part of this forum.

My aim is to make this forum a one stop info spot for everyone here in Malaysia (outside Malaysia also welcomed) to gather info , post opinions etc etc.Seems to be doin ok so far with lotsa good info posted already.You lot reading this bit about this forum ....... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ? COME SIGN UP AND RAWK THE PLACE !!!

So , until i have more to say.....


Anonymous said...

Hi terry, I wonder so far how many chicks u get to score by having a muscular body? Im gonna decide worth it or not. For me that the only thing matter.

TERRY GALLYOT - MR ASIA. said... think you'd stoop so low to get laid hahahaa!I do it for a different reason not to score for chicks.Sorry.