Monday, July 09, 2007


How many times have you decided to buy some sort of supplement from the pharmacy or at GNC stores then realised that these products costs a bomb?
I'm pretty sure many if not all have said this at one time or another.Imagine paying something like RM300 or so just to buy a tub of protein.How would the avarage Joe be able to afford especially if he earns an avarage of RM1200 a month?Buying that protein powder alone would put so much strain on his budget.
And the worst part is,you are actually paying so much for supplements that are in actual fact worth so much cheaper!
WHY??? The answer is pretty simple.You pay for the company's advertisements,shipping,bottling,labelling,athletes salaries who are endorsing these products etc the outcome?BAMMM!!!! You get smacked with a fat bill!
Many people do not realise that Malaysia too produces sports supplements. Some of the raw materials are imported while others are manufactured locally....then mixed in proper dosages and proportions to produce all the various types of supplements.
The company in question here is E-Excel (M) Sdn.Bhd. and they have been doing this for the last 2 years and expanding.I'm very proud to announce that I'm also involved in helping them formulate their formulas.So far,all the products work pretty well without customers complaining.
I can assure you that they taste great and more importantly ,the product contents are true as specified on its label.The company is also getting the ISO 22,000 certificate which will have all the required certs such as the Halal sign etc. which will be good for local as well as foreign market.YES,it will be marketed internationally soon.
And here's the best part! All products are sold at a much,much cheaper rate as compared to those imported items while still delivering the same if not better results.Here's an example...take the Gain Factor 4100,which is basically a weight gain formula fortified with lots of goodies to enhance muscle weight gain while producing energy to fuel your workouts.It comes in many sizes but the 4.75kg tub only costs RM280.Imagine having all the goodies like creatine,glutamine etc for that kind of price?You can actually make a comparison.I can guarantee you that you will not find anything cheaper ,while having the equivalent content and strength.
Currently,these products are sold directly to gyms and I happen to be one of the authorised dealers for this brand.Tried and tested,these products are not only affordable but they are also very very good!Give it a shot...afterall you don't really have anything to lose right?
Interested parties can leave me messages and we will take it from there.
Well time to sign off now.......till next time...think muscles!!!


mg said...

i am quite interested in the supplement you mentioned, any catalogue or web site to know more about the products, thanks ya, bro.


Hi mg,thanks you for your interest in these products.Unfortunately as i mentioned earlier,they are only dealing directly to gyms and therefore they have not yet created any websites for the products.You can email me for some enquiries regarding these products at

LadyVanity said...

hello terry! yeaps i've seen these supps before.... there were ppl at this booth during the mr.kl competition selling em' but i didn't buy any... wonder when they'll start producing thermogenics and energy boosters? *grins*